3 Rewarding Part-Time Jobs for Students

Are you interested in making some extra money for the holidays while giving back to local communities? There are all sorts of rewarding part-time jobs out there, but perhaps you’ve been having trouble narrowing it down to something you would enjoy. Today, let’s showcase some part-time employment opportunities that are ideal for students and those with a little less experience!


Many people enjoy long, happy careers in housekeeping — some of us just love to keep places clean and inviting (like our friends in Ottawa at Capital Junk)! From minor maintenance work to sweeping, doing dishes and keeping rooms organized, a housekeeper can make any home a wonderful place to be. We could always use more housekeepers when it comes to in-home care, as some of our patients have a harder time getting around. Everyone from seniors with mobility limitations to young survivors of car accidents can benefit from having someone kind, courteous, and caring to look after their home and keep them company.

Personal Support Work

There are countless individuals out there who need help with everyday aspects of life that many of us take for granted. Whether having a helping hand with their medication to just someone to talk to, personal support work can make all the difference in the everyday lives of those in need. PSWs benefit from competitive pay and a highly rewarding work atmosphere by directly influencing patient quality-of-life and contentment.

PSW Jobs

Respite Care

Helping out at a local retirement home or hospital doesn’t always require years of experience — in fact, respite care can benefit from enthusiastic, passionate individuals with a willingness to make a difference in local communities! Work closely with patients and fellow staff to ensure comfort, contentment, and peace of mind for those who need extra care. Individuals with disabilities or special care needs will benefit from the kind heart and compassion of a respite care worker, even on a part-time basis.

Do you want to get involved in helping local communities and healthcare environments better meet the needs of patients and their families? Or, are you interested in part-time employment while helping others at the same time? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us at Qualicare Waterloo today for information regarding our various open positions. Your compassion and determination to make a difference, combined with our extensive training, will ensure patients benefit from the best possible care and assistance.

Health Care Jobs

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