A Show Unlike Any Other: Discover the IMPACT 19 International Theatre Festival!

You know, there’s a lot of meaning behind a word. Take “impact,” for instance – what does it represent? Well, to some hardworking locals and international creatives, you’re about to find out! The IMPACT 19 International Theatre Festival is on its way, set to take place in downtown Kitchener from September 24-29. Let’s learn more about all it has to offer.

What IMPACT Stands for

IMPACT represents the International Multicultural Platform for Alternative Contemporary Theatre, and their annual festival is one of Waterloo Region’s most-adored events. The lineup for this year’s iteration consists of socially and politically relevant topics, addressing everything from family and human rights to even colonization and migration. Plus, for the first time, a street festival component will be offered in partnership with Neruda Arts. 

So, Who’s Coming?

Some stellar productions from as far as Tunisia, Mexico, Ecuador, and even Iran are set to take place at Impact 19, featuring theatre and dance performances unlike any other. Of course, there will be plenty of Canadian talent on display including from Toronto, Barrie, the Six Nations of the Grand River, and even local performing artists. With powerful choreography, a deep look at the emotions that fill our everyday lives and fresh new perspectives on pressing issues in society, it’s sure to be a mind-opening and captivating experience. 

Theatre Isn’t Just an Art Form – it’s Also a Medicine!

We’re sure you know that regular stimulation is a great way to keep your mental health in check. Whether heading to the movies with friends, hosting a family game night or otherwise, there are many ways to take care of that thirst for fun and entertainment. Keeping the mind active with new stories, experiences, and sources of inspiration are essential to a healthy everyday life – otherwise, we struggle to remain optimistic and it can become a challenge to deviate from “the norm.” That’s why we’re so excited that IMPACT 19 is nearly here – it’s a great chance to get out, mingle with the community and have a good time!

Are you interested in attending IMPACT 19? We sure are! Waterloo Region is abuzz with excitement over the return of such a beloved local performance art festival, and for good reason: It engages, educates, inspires, and stimulates! 6 days of 50 incredible experiences await, so don’t miss out! Grab your tickets today.

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