All About Canada’s New Food Guide

Have you caught a glimpse of Canada’s new food guide resources? There have been many changes, all intended to help local residents plan their diets more efficiently and eat healthier. While some are divided over the changes (such as the near-complete elimination of milk and cheese from the guide), healthcare experts can’t help but be pleased by the much-needed revision. Today, let’s take a look at the main takeaways of Canada’s new food guide.

Goodbye “Rainbow Chart” and Food Groups, Hello Clarity

Perhaps you remember the old food chart in school or otherwise, a colourful rainbow organizing illustrations of different foods into groups. We’re not the only ones who will freely admit that it was convoluted and difficult to understand – portions were hard to interpret, and it became a chore for many to use the chart effectively. Instead, the new food chart is sleek, clean and easy to understand, especially for seniors and children. Additionally, healthcare providers now have a guide that is easier to explain, helping patients brush up on best practices when it comes to their diet.

Less of a Focus on Recommended Servings

Instead of detailing which precise servings to stick to (some of which may have been a little confusing), Canada’s new food guide focuses on a new priority: Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods. There appears to be an increased emphasis on plant-based foods, with suggestions that Canadians incorporate more of them into their meals. Water is also encouraged as the beverage of choice, and it makes sense; too many of us don’t drink enough of it as it is!

A Win-Win for Healthcare

As Canada’s food guide is taught in schools and followed in many public environments, many local workers and residents will quickly get acquainted to the new standards. This includes healthcare professionals and nursing home operators, among others. The result? Healthier food provided, leading to healthier patients and even the potential of reducing the effects of some illnesses with improved nutrition.

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to our diets. With this revised version of Canada’s food guide, it’s easier than ever to adopt healthier eating habits by having a handy resource that’s clear and simple to interpret. For more information, be sure to view the new guide for yourself online.

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