Are Virtual Care Teams the Future of Healthcare?

In the age of working from home and saving lives through distancing, many healthcare service providers have switched to virtual operations. This is done to protect essential workers as well as the individuals who rely on them for medical assistance, various diagnoses, and otherwise. Solutions such as the League virtual care team are being incorporated as proactive solutions for the current times we live in. 

Still, the question remains: are virtual care teams the absolute future of healthcare? Yes and no. Let’s explore why in more detail.

More Than About Convenience

AI has gotten smarter, algorithms are more optimized than ever, and cloud-powered conferencing solutions are a dime a dozen. The League virtual care team, however, is deeper in concept, acting as a singular platform that respects international privacy laws while enabling practitioners to assist patients remotely. It also acts as a knowledge hub pertinent to specific cases, ensuring that an individual working with multiple healthcare professionals can benefit from everyone staying on the same page, updated as needed regularly.

This is more than a question of convenience during these current times; it’s also about safety, reducing the transmission risk while also improving engagement. This is especially important for immunocompromised individuals who can’t risk a long, touch-point-filled trip to the doctor’s office and back, even if the pandemic wasn’t currently taking place. So, in that sense and using this solution as just one example of the innovation taking place, virtual care alternatives will continue to have their place in various healthcare fields in the future.

Why Physical Services Remain a Necessity

The hands-on, in-person assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare expert is critical to many, and there are many procedures that a virtual appointment simply cannot accommodate. From surgeries to testing, vaccinations to even physicals that require a finer attention to detail, optimal healthcare standards still demand this. 

The Real Solution? Both!

By adapting virtual solutions in tandem with physical visits, patients and practitioners can enjoy the benefits of both; streamlined communications, more personalized care, more accurate diagnoses, and support whenever they need it – without having to worry about demand delaying simple appointments that can easily be performed online.

We all deserve personalized, proactive health support, and achieving a balance of convenience, privacy protection and streamlined services is key to achieving it. So yes, virtual care teams are the future of healthcare, but they aren’t a band-aid solution; there will always be a need for traditional approaches. The best course of action is for both to work together and inform one another!

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