Be a Donor: Help Us Reach 233,000 Registrations by March 31st!

Did you know that nearly 2,000 people in Ontario are stuck having to wait for life-saving organ transplants? It just doesn’t make sense since most of us agree that organ donation is a very good thing. This wait hurts patients, their families, and even our economy in the long run. Fortunately, we can all lend a helping hand. The Trillium Gift of Life Network’s Be a Donor program has been established to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation, get people talking, and inspire them to contribute.

The Process of Being a Donor

Many folks are uncertain of the specifics pertaining to being an organ or tissue donor. The way it works is pretty simple, stress-free, and costs nothing to your family or estate. Eligibility is determined via medical social questionnaires and testing of specific organs. This ensures the suitability of your donated organs and tissue, and that everything functions just as it needs to after the transplant is complete. After the death of the donor and the careful, considerate retrieval of the organs and tissue registered for donation in the database, the body is then respectfully returned to the family for the planning of funeral arrangements. If you’re stuck on other finer points of the process, be sure to check out the official Be a Donor FAQs.

Spreading the Word

Only about 35 percent of Ontarians are registered organ and/or tissue donors, which means there are plenty more candidates out there who can help make a big difference! Of course, the choice should always be yours, but the problem is that not enough folks are discussing the importance of registering as donors. Perhaps you know a family member or friend who would be interested in registering; if so, now’s the time for them to sign up and help the Trillium Gift of Life Network reach its milestone!

Quick and Seamless to Register

Speaking of registering, becoming a donor is easier than ever thanks to the internet. Simply provide your health card information in addition to other basic details on the official ServiceOntario registration page, and you’re good to go as an organ and/or tissue donor! Just be certain that you only do this on the official page in order to protect your information.

The Be a Donor program is striving to reach 233,000 new organ and tissue donor registrations by March 31, 2020, in celebration of April being Be a Donor month. Help us get there by contributing today!

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