Why Are Soft Skills Important in Healthcare?

Our team at Qualicare Waterloo takes great pride in our focus on empathetic, compassionate caregiving. We know from many years of collective first-hand experience that a genuine smile, not to mention the willingness to listen and respond to patient needs attentively, can make all the difference. If you’re keen on joining the field, don’t hesitate to check out the latest

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Senior Care Expected to Double by 2031: Start Your Healthcare Career Now!

We’re currently in the midst of a generational shift that will undoubtedly strain healthcare resources. A groundbreaking study, commissioned by the Canadian Medical Association, has resulted in a startling prediction – elder care costs will double by the year 2031. That’s a jump from $30 billion annually to nearly $60 billion! This strain isn’t anything to be sneezed at when

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Seeing Beyond Dementia: How Person-Centered Care Puts Patients First

Have you ever heard of the term “person-centred care?” Popularized by Professor Thomas Kitwood in his book, Dementia Reconsidered: The Person Comes First, the term is as straightforward as it sounds: prioritize a caregiving strategy that preserves integrity, shaped around the needs and dignity of the patient. Today, in dedication to those who count on us to preserve their voices,

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How to Safety-Proof Your Home for Dementia Caregiving

Maintaining relationships can be tiring, strenuous, and fraught with challenges, but providing caregiving services for a loved one suffering from dementia can complicate matters further. This is especially true if the home environment in which they’ll be tended to isn’t quite up to snuff. There are a number of safety risks that need to be addressed prior to implementing a

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It’s no secret that all home and community care providers across the country are currently facing major challenges due to the impact of COVID-19. With a greater surcharge in demand than ever before, caregivers are putting in their maximum effort in providing for the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in our communities. To show our Canadian caregivers that they are

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Nurses Needed Now: Join Us in the Fight Against COVID-19!

Healthcare professionals in Canada are already doing everything possible to address spiking demand for effective, dependable caregiving services. Now, with Canada in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re not the first to admit that our resources are spread thin. At Qualicare Waterloo, our focus is always on ensuring patient comfort, safety and wellness, all while helping as many folks

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Is Your 2019 Resolution to Help Others? Consider the Field of Healthcare!

Have you been mulling over a potential career change? Or, are you interested in helping out your local community a little more? Now that the new year is well and truly here, it’s an excellent time to make those resolutions come true. We’re actively looking for talented, dedicated folks seeking employment in the world of healthcare to meet the growing

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Want a Rewarding, Flexible Career? We Likely Have an Opening for You!

At Qualicare Waterloo, we currently have openings in all sectors given the busier time of year, and we want to hear from you! We can offer a rewarding experience that meets your needs as well as those of our patients. Here’s a look at what an unskilled position with us has to offer: Comprehensive Training for Every Role Whether you

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3 Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

Want to do something special for more than just the person receiving a great gift from you this year? Perhaps consider a part-time or full-time role in healthcare! Right now, we have several openings with Qualicare Waterloo that offer you a rewarding experience, fair compensation, and the development of useful skills. Help someone in need while giving yourself a healthy

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Canadian Poli-ticks: Has Canada Moved Forward in the Fight Against Lyme Disease?

Ticks can be found almost everywhere, from city parks to your backyard. That doesn’t mean everyone is at risk of contracting Lyme disease, but the chances are still decent. However, Canada doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to treatment. Many times in the past, patients have had to pursue costly care in the United States, but what

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