June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elder abuse is a subject that many of us struggle to discuss comfortably. It’s a deep-rooted, widespread issue that affects 1 in 6 seniors. At Qualicare Waterloo, patient comfort, wellness and satisfaction mean everything to us. We stand by our elder patients and their families, and our goal is to raise awareness of how everyone deserves fair treatment and appropriate

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Why Romaine Lettuce is More Prone to E. Coli Outbreaks, and How to Protect Yourself

It’s likely that you’ve come across the stories on the news about romaine lettuce being taken off the shelves due to E. coli outbreaks that made several people ill across North America. While the scare is over and it’s apparently safe to consume again, there are some key reasons why this type of produce is more susceptible to E. coli.

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Waterloo Startup AEXOS’ Halo: Preventing Sports Concussions and Making Contact Sports Safer

Do you have a loved one who enjoys contact sports, or are you passionate about them yourself? If so, you know how important it is to stay safe when playing. Sports concussions are a very real issue, and there are many products out there that try to provide protection and comfort without sacrificing the thrill of the game, but few

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Canadian Poli-ticks: Has Canada Moved Forward in the Fight Against Lyme Disease?

Ticks can be found almost everywhere, from city parks to your backyard. That doesn’t mean everyone is at risk of contracting Lyme disease, but the chances are still decent. However, Canada doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to treatment. Many times in the past, patients have had to pursue costly care in the United States, but what

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Kitchener Stunt Driving Concerns Police and Those Involved

No matter how old or young someone is, their life is equally valuable, and they all have someone who loves them. Therefore, stunt driving is an issue that is worrying Kitchener and Waterloo-area families as well as the local authorities. Exemplified by this CTV News article, it’s becoming an ever-growing trend. As an organization working to deliver sufficient care to

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Ageism in Hamilton: What to Know and What to Do

Similar to racism and sexism, ageism can affect many people at a personal and emotional level, making it difficult for them to find solace and live a positive life. Seniors and even those who aren’t in their sixties yet are often faced with situations where their value in society is questioned rather than respected. Here are some important things to

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Waterloo-Wellington Promises Specialized Healthcare App for Post-Care Information

Post-care information is integral to maintaining optimal wellness even after an individual heads home and recovers on their own; everything from their diet to daily medication intake hangs in the balance if proper, sufficient instruction is not provided. Therefore, we’re pleased to see that the Waterloo-Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has invested $250,000 in assisting with the development of

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