Communication Workshops for Healthcare Professionals in Local Communities

Tom Gantert, Professor at Fanshawe College, conducts workshops that teach practical communication for Healthcare Professionals, including individuals and organizations. Based out of London Ontario, Tom has provided an overview of the one-day workshop topics discussed. For more information, you can visit the Life Challenge Coaching website Here, or you can email Tom at

“The first theme for the workshop is Finding Purpose. I will guide participants in identifying their own intrinsic needs, values and passions and how they align with their organization. I believe that people need to really understand themselves before working with others.

The next theme is Connecting With Others. Participants will learn the elements of effective relationships, how relationships are formed, non-verbal signals that help or hinder relationships, and relationship-building techniques.

The next topic discussed is Communicating Effectively. In this section, participants will learn and practice key interviewing and attending skills to strengthen their relationships and to help them gather important information.

The next topic is Working Collaboratively. In this section, participants will review the importance of personal expectations on outcomes. They will learn about highly effective teams, and goal setting will also be covered.

The next section will be Dealing With Conflict. Within this section, participants will learn how emotions and thoughts can affect our interactions with others. Participants will learn how effective boundaries, assertiveness and conflict resolution skills can strengthen strained relationships.

The last section of the day is Maintaining and Enhancing Yourself. In this section, participants will learn to identify, prevent and counteract stress, compassion fatigue and burnout.”

Communication and connecting is key in the healthcare industry. Qualicare understands the importance of proper understanding and education, and this workshop can help you or your facility meet the growing and changing needs in today’s society.

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