COVID-19 Status Update

You may have been hearing and seeing information in the news, regarding the COVID19 virus.

Currently Qualicare does not have any reported cases of COVID19 with any of our clients or any
member of our care team, and like many companies, we are monitoring the situation regarding
Coronavirus and its effect on business and care delivery.

Generally, there are many respiratory viruses that can cause symptoms this time of year. Respiratory
illnesses like COVID-19 spread mainly from person to person through close contact, and quickly in
crowded spaces, therefore, avoiding crowds can reduce the spread of infection.

If you feel more comfortable not having your care provider make their regular visits, during this time
we understand and will place care on hold until you feel more comfortable.

With the rapidly changing information on COVID19 we feel it is important that you have the best
information available to help you stay up to date on the spread of the virus.

Qualicare does have contingency plans in place for various types of situations like this, should we need
to implement them. We are monitoring our teams’ health very closely and have put support systems in
place to help anyone who may become affected by the virus, so their number one focus is getting better.

Your wellness is our concern and we will work together to help reduce the spread.

• Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often.
• Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue.
• Dispose of tissue immediately and wash your hands.
• Keep surfaces clean and disinfected.

We are actively and immediately recruiting for RPNs, RNs, and Certified PSWs to assist with our current caseload and our growing assignments – our postings may not reflect the complete list of openings because the situation is developing too quickly.  Just apply via this link.

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