Don’t Overlook This Indispensable Nursing Skills Checklist

When working as a Registered Nurse, you take on many responsibilities. While this makes for a gratifying and enriching experience, realistically, hard work is never easy! Bearing this in mind, having the right skills – and developing them accordingly – can go a long way in making life better for you and your team, especially as demand for nurses continues to rise. Today, let’s explore some fundamental nursing skills that you should absolutely add to your repertoire!

Math Skills

We’re putting this at the top of the list because it is easily overlooked. Nurses should be capable of making measurements accurately, performing critical calculations to determine appropriate medicine doses and vital sign safe zones, and much more. Moreover, they need to be able to do so quickly and efficiently without jeopardizing patient safety or care plan effectiveness. Fractions, basic arithmetic, conversion rates, time calculations, and many more math skills are beyond essential in this regard. 

Observational Skills and Awareness

Among the most important management skills in nursing are those associated with situational awareness, proactivity, and active monitoring. One could also classify them as creative thinking skills in the nursing world, as you need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Keeping a close eye on patients’ well being and any behavioural or other changes is crucial, ensuring care plans are refined as needed to match any needs as they arise. 

Psychomotor Skills

Psychomotor skills in nursing include those associated with movement-oriented activities. Examples include the insertion of an IV line, applying a catheter, administering a needle, and taking a patient’s blood pressure, just to name a few. Being able to carry out these tasks with care and precision is of utmost importance. 

Patience and Compassion

Consideration, patience, and compassion are not only the best nursing skills for resumes but also in real-life – patients and families are counting on you to have them. You’re being trusted with the wellbeing and comfort of a human being, so it’s only fair to arrive with the right mindset in order to perform at your peak. Positive, optimistic caregivers have a more beneficial impact on their patients and team members around them – we see it every day at Qualicare Waterloo with our dedicated approach to compassionate and integrity-focused service!

Listening, Responsiveness, and Other Communication Skills Needed for Nursing

Core communication skills in mental health nursing and other focuses include responsiveness, conciseness, a willingness to listen and retain critical information, and the ability to keep everyone on the same page with regular updates that are easy to understand. The last thing you want is to forget to update someone on a change in dosage, not log a drop in vital signs, or otherwise. Communication skills in nursing, in general, can quite literally save lives, not to mention make everyday operations a whole lot smoother in the long run. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the skills and experience we require at Qualicare Waterloo or are keen on applying to become a Registered Nurse on our team, view our online job postings today. Alternatively, feel free to contact us for assistance – we’re happy to help!

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