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Do you live in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Hamilton area and long for a rewarding, engaging career in healthcare? If you have the expertise and dedication to compassionate care, we at Qualicare Waterloo want to hear from you. We’re in the business of helping local communities thrive through in-home care and hospital staffing services that rise to meet the challenges of growing demand.

That’s where you come in. Together, let’s reshape our local healthcare by being there for more folks in need. It’s time to discover the benefits of being part of the Qualicare Waterloo family!

Practical Experience

We believe in empowering our Personal Support Workers, Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses with all the tools and techniques they need to deliver exceptional care to our clients. That means you’ll benefit from comprehensive training and education in best practices, proactive instruction and guidance, and the provision of answers to any questions you may have. We stand by our team so that they can effectively support those they care for, and it’s a hallmark of what makes a career with Qualicare Waterloo so rewarding.

Develop Life-Saving Skills

From fall prevention and safe transfers to hazard-proof housekeeping and treating those with traumatic brain injuries, you’ll be kept busy, which means developing and honing valuable skills that are much-needed in local communities. With demand for our services spiking and a constant need for more dedicated and compassionate additions to our team, we’ll help you develop life-saving skills and hit the ground running. Whether you’re on the other side of the chess table to keep them company or ensuring they’re comfortable and safe, caring encompasses addressing many different aspects of everyday life. From social stimulation to mental wellness, reducing the risk of depression and infection, and much more, our experienced caregivers are extremely valued individuals.

New Challenges Every Day

Don’t like being bored with your job and always want to be kept busy? That’s perfect for us. As generations age and depend on us for more critical care, we need to be there for them while ensuring room to take on new patients. At the same time, plenty of younger folks need us just as much, such as for care when attempting to recover from traumatic brain injuries. In short, this is a critical time when we need more caregivers to meet the demand. If you’re looking for secure, consistent employment, this is a great option.

Health Care Jobs

Want to learn more about our available positions at Qualicare Waterloo? View our job board and reach out to us today with your application. Looking forward to getting to know you!

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