Give Back to the Community

Through Qualicare’s “Give-Back-to-the-Community” Program, we ask business partners to recommend a client who would benefit from twenty-five hours of FREE homecare PSW services or Attendant Care at a value of over $750.

How To Make A Recommendation:
– Every month, a qualified affiliate can recommend candidates who would benefit from homecare or attendant care services but can’t afford it.
– Use the form on this page, provide the necessary details for your candidate. The candidate’s identity is not necessary unless he or she is selected; a pseudonym is sufficient.
– Qualicare reviews suggestions to ensure the candidates meet submission qualifications. Five submissions that best fit the qualifications become finalists.
– Qualicare submits the finalists to a Selection Panel comprising members from the health care community. The members of the Panel score the submissions. The candidate with the highest combined score will receive the recommended care. Qualicare has no say in the panelists’ scores.
– Qualicare notifies the appropriate Health Care Professional/Referral Source of the successful candidate and obtains personal details. Scoring details without identifying the submitting professional or the final client are available upon request.
– Qualicare’s Care Manager collaborates with the recommending professional affiliate to develop a Care Plan and a Caregiver Task list, determines a mutually agreeable care schedule with the client, and arranges for care.
Qualifications for Candidate Submissions
– Client lives in the Ottawa Region bordered by Kanata in the West, Barrhaven in the south, and Orleans in the East. Please call us if there is a question.
– Client agrees to receive care at home and will sign a non-chargeable Agreement of Service. If part of the services involves accompanying candidate for appointments or doing errands, then the PSW travel time and expenses will be deducted within the 25 hours of free service.
– Home environment is safe for Qualicare employees.
– Services are restricted to those normally performed by a Personal Support Worker (PSW).
– Client would benefit from services as described on our website but affordability is a problem.
– Care schedule is subject to Qualicare caregiver availability.

Candidate submissions are reviewed monthly by the 15th. Those received past the deadline will be reviewed the following month.

Final Candidate Selection will be chosen at the end of each month and the Referral Sources will be informed by return email without candidate name disclosure.

Please contact us or call us if you have any questions.

Qualicare GIVE-BACK Program

Candidate Evaluation

    Screening Requirements (Y/N)

    Ottawa Region (Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans):YesNo

    PSW services only: YesNo

    Lack budget to pay: YesNo

    Agrees to sign non-chargeable Agreement of Service: YesNo

    Agrees to receive care: YesNo

    Home environment is safe: YesNo

    Non-Aggressive behavior: YesNo

    Lack family support: YesNo

    Comments and Diagnosis (Details are helpful in the Selection Process):

    If screening requirements are met, please provide information in the relevant sections below:

    Fall Risk / Mobility
    (Levels: 1 - Minor. 2 - Moderate. 3 - Significant. 4 - Serious)


    Need help for personal hygiene and/or housekeeping
    (Levels: 1 - Minor. 2 - Moderate. 3 - Significant. 4 - Serious)


    Post-Op / Recent Surgery or Hospitalization
    (Levels: 1 - Minor. 2 - Moderate. 3 - Significant. 4 - Serious)


    (Levels: 1 - Minor. 2 - Moderate. 3 - Significant. 4 - Serious)


    Disabilities (please specify):

    Other (please specify)

    Additional Comments for this section:

    Other Situations:

    Lives Alone?

    Comments (optional):

    Family Support Nearby?

    Comments (optional):

    PSW Scheduling Requirements?

    Comments (optional):

    Others (describe)

    Fine Prints

    • Submissions after the 15th of the month will be considered for the following month
    • Service delivery is contingent upon scheduling and caregiver availability.
    • We respect privacy. The information supplied is confidential to Qualicare and the Evaluation Panel.
    • Qualicare reserves the right to publish selection results except for information that affects personal privacy.
    • Selection results are available to all participants upon request except for information that affects personal privacy.

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