How to Become a Certified PSW in Ontario

Our team at Qualicare Waterloo is deeply passionate about helping others, serving local communities with the utmost care, attentiveness, and proactivity. It’s harder than ever to keep up with the demand for Personal Support Workers, otherwise known as PSWs. If you have experience and/or are interested in joining our family, we’d love to get to know you. 

That being said, there’s a process required in order to become a fully certified PSW in Ontario. With just a little bit of your time and energy, you have the chance of changing lives for the better every single day, learning marketable, practical skills and partaking in new experiences along the way. Let’s find out more about this certification process today!


The province recently launched new training programming to help healthcare providers increase capacity to meet ever-rising demand. Best of all? You don’t have to pay tuition! This is being offered at all 24 public colleges in Ontario, and the programming is accelerated (it can be completed within just six months) to ensure as many folks as possible are given the chance to properly train and become certified, helping healthcare workers fill the gaps and maintain operational efficiency. Paid work placements are also included, as are other hands-on opportunities.

Modern Education Standards

Of course, you need to follow the latest PSW training requirements in the province of Ontario, and that your program is fully compliant with all criteria. For instance, components in the areas of functional assessment, acquired brain injuries, sexuality, and increased capacity building are now essential and should be covered by your college. The goal here is to ensure that you can accurately, proactively work with fellow team members, patients, and their families when it comes to mental and physical health complications. These include cognitive disorders that may impair the patient in question. Elements of performance that should be covered include a focus on patient integrity, dignity, and autonomy in addition to communications and risk assessment capabilities. 

Personal Skills

Having the right credentials and expertise is important, and we love welcoming newly graduated PSWs into our operations to further improve our own operational capabilities as well as the everyday lives of patients and their loved ones. However, there are other skills you can bring to the table that are extremely important. Interpersonal skills, information management and critical thinking are just a few examples, for instance, as well as literacy and an overall positive, optimistic attitude. 

Want to learn more about life as a certified PSW in Ontario, or interested in becoming one? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at Qualicare Waterloo today or browse our available PSW jobs to join our care team.

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