How Vision Zero Aims to Keep Us Safe – and Efficient

Have you ever heard of the term “Vision Zero?” Many folks don’t know what it means even if they have, and as a provider of specialized in-home care, we at Qualicare Waterloo want to highlight the importance of the right to safe mobility. That’s what Vision Zero represents: Protecting local residents from traffic accidents as best as possible in hopes of reaching zero fatalities.

The Basics

Vision Zero’s purpose is to support the argument that enforcement and road design is what accounts for human error more than anything else on the road which, in turn, leads to reduced safety for pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, and drivers alike. The end goal is to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries as the initiative continues to be taken more seriously and considered in infrastructure planning. Changes are commonly made to address issues raised by those focused on Vision Zero, such as improved directional signage, taking care of troublesome blind spots, and more.

Where it’s Been Adopted

The Vision Zero initiative has been carried out by cities around the world, including many in Canada. Toronto, Hamilton, Edmonton, Vancouver, and others have made great strides in making their streets safer. In time, we hope to see the same efforts carry over to the Kitchener-Waterloo area where our caregivers see so many patients recovering from injuries sustained as a pedestrian, driver, passenger or cyclist.

How Vision Zero Helps Caregivers

There’s a stigma that only senior citizens require specialized care, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. For instance, our caregivers look after many younger folks who have had encountered difficult times. With fewer individuals suffering from injuries sustained due to poor enforcement and road design, our caregiving team can help even more locals in need. There’s no secret that demand has spiked across much of Canada for medical care over time, waits are longer, and PSW shortages are occurring, but we don’t have sufficient staff to improve the caregiver-to-patient ratio. Therefore, we at Qualicare Waterloo fully support the Vision Zero initiative and hope that great strides can be made in protecting local residents with some really great changes.

Some call Vision Zero an impossible dream, but nothing is impossible if you put forth the effort. For each individual spared from being bedridden and in for a long recovery, our caregivers can focus their attention on more folks who rely on us most. With design changes to reduce the chances of collisions, accidents, deaths, and injuries on our roads, our region will be all the better for it. With Kitchener looking into Vision Zero plans, we’re excited to see what comes of further discussions!

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