Humour and Laughter in Palliative Care

Palliative care can be a difficult process for patients and loved ones to face. However, it’s important to face the inevitable with peace of mind as best as possible. Besides ensuring professional medical care, don’t forget about maintaining a positive atmosphere to keep everyone in good spirits — continue making memories, sharing joy and laughter despite the situation.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Our team members assisting with palliative care know from experience that most patients want to make the most of the time they have left, and many achieve this by injecting a bit of humour and quirkiness into what can otherwise be a difficult situation to face. This helps them build and maintain relationships not only with caregivers but also their cherished friends and loved ones. By extension, an outlook that avoids focusing on “doom and gloom” can help dying patients make amends, take care of final wishes and spend quality time with those they love. This serves as a healthy distraction from the process at hand.  

Safeguarding Dignity

Nobody wants their final days to be spent isolated, lonely and with their minds focused on the negatives. In fact, humour and laughter is a powerful tool to help gain a renewed sense of perspective, leading to the preservation of one’s dignity even during the most trying times. Palliative care administered doesn’t need to be upsetting or depressing – our caregivers are more than ready to share a smile and help brighten your day! We appreciate the chance to get to know our patients, love a good joke, and we respect that everyone deserves to be comfortable. What better way than to stay as positive as possible and invoke a good mood with some humour?

Stress Management and Tension Relief

It’s said that life’s biggest challenges are made easier to face when you find time to laugh and use humour as a coping mechanism. Breaking the ice with a joke or two is all well and good in normal conversation, but when someone you love is faced with a need for end-of-life care, it can feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. This is where seeing the bright side of life – having the chance to make memories and share laughter – can go a long way in alleviating tension, making this process less exhausting for all involved.

With humour and laughter, loved ones can approach the end of their lives with newfound positivity and comfort, their dignity in check and perspectives as optimistic as possible. By distracting the mind and heart from the negatives and focusing on making a few more precious memories, patients and their loved ones can genuinely enjoy more time together, appreciating what matters most in the end.

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