No matter how old or young someone is, their life is equally valuable, and they all have someone who loves them. Therefore, stunt driving is an issue that is worrying Kitchener and Waterloo-area families as well as the local authorities. Exemplified by this CTV News article, it’s becoming an ever-growing trend. As an organization working to deliver sufficient care to local community medical facilities and residents, we at Qualicare Waterloo are concerned about the impact stunt driving can have on local communities. Let’s explore the subject some more.

Increases in Stunt Driving Means a Higher Risk of Injuries

We don’t want to see local residents or visitors needlessly harmed as a result of speeding, which itself is a primary factor in many motor vehicle accidents leading to injury or death in Ontario. Shaping up to be a year-long trend, stunt driving consists of more than merely a few isolated incidents as of mid-2018. On Victoria Day weekend, for example, Waterloo Regional Police had laid seven charges, with the amount climbing to 62 in total so far. Injuries stemming from speed-related vehicle accidents can often cause debilitating long-term harm, with some accident survivors impacted for the rest of their lives as a result.

Visual Representations Make a Difference

A tactic Waterloo Regional Police have implemented to curb rising instances of stunt driving is to post pictures online of vehicles belonging to offenders. With their license plates and other identifying details removed, the vehicles in these images are being used to warn others about how dangerous such behaviour is. Stunt driving puts everyone at risk, including the driver, passengers, and any pedestrian or driver nearby.

The Impact on Local Healthcare Services

From hospitals to clinics and even organizations such as our own, all forms of healthcare are impacted by the spike in injuries and new care requests due to increased instances of stunt driving. Many drivers are being caught and charged accordingly, but there are always a select few who aren’t caught in time. These individuals can harm themselves, passengers, and anyone in the immediate area if they lose control. Situations such as this can stretch valuable resources, especially in smaller local communities with more residents already receiving care of many varieties.

At Qualicare Waterloo, we provide comprehensive and dedicated care to all in need, regardless of age or circumstances. From staffing local hospitals with extra skilled hands to administering specialized in-home care services, we’re here to help local communities prosper. Together and with the continued efforts of the Waterloo Regional Police, we can curb instances of stunt driving to ensure healthy, happy, and safer communities.

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