Local Support for Bereaved Families

At Qualicare Waterloo, we know firsthand how stressful coping with loss can be – as well as how integral proper support is for local bereaved families. The silver lining to such a trying time for families in Waterloo Region and Guelph and Wellington Counties is that the Bereaved Families of Ontario’s Midwestern Region is here to help. 

Today, let’s explore the grief support programs they have available.

Parents Grieving the Death of an Infant

This 8-week program is designed for those who have lost a child either during pregnancy or up to the age of 2. The focus of this collection of group-based discussion sessions is to identify the grief process, teach ways to cope with difficult days such as anniversaries, teaching diversity in grief, making sense of changes to relationships, and helping attendees find their way back to the working world.

Parents Grieving the Death of a Child

Another 8-week program, this is reserved for parents who are attempting to cope with the death of a child from 3 years or older, including those who are adults. It offers a chance to share your story with a group of others who have endured a similar tragedy, support others, and receive encouragement from the group itself. It covers the same themes as the infant group through special activities and exercises aimed at helping parents recover as best as possible. 

Living with Loss

The Living with Loss program provides a safe and comfortable space for attendees to reflect, grieve with others going through the same process, and sharing stories in hopes of finding solace. It’s reserved for adults aged 18 or older. It follows an open group format, meaning no registration is needed and walk-ins are welcome. An alternative, Living with Loss by Substance Abuse, is also available in the same format, offering comfort and guidance to those dealing with a loss triggered by addictions struggles. 

Healing Little Hearts

This program is reserved for children, who tend to suffer in different ways from a loss and need adequate support in order to cope in a safe, healthy manner. Support has recently been extended to permit children aged from 4 all the way up to 12. Teachings include how to cope with specific feelings, give the children a chance to make new friends, and offer a safe and welcoming environment where they can come to terms a little more easily.

If you’re in need of support after a loss, don’t be ashamed in reaching out for it. It’s the best thing you can do yourself, and a wonderful way to honour the memory of someone dear to your heart! Also, the Bereaved Families of Ontario’s Midwestern Region is hosting the Tree of Bright Stars event on November 22nd, so feel free to stop by and celebrate the light and love of someone truly important to you in a special, magical way.

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