Long-Term Care Study Reveals Nursing Demands and Impacts on Senior Living

The Government of Canada recently published their Long-Term Care Staffing Study Report, providing several recommendations on how best to address rising demand, patient needs and more. However, none of this is news to real healthcare professionals on the front lines who push every day to do their very best. We’re excited to see that the government is recognizing the need for many of the changes we have spotlighted for years – it’s a sign that we can move forward in the right direction together! Let’s explore these nursing demands and how they impact senior living.

Increase Staff and Funding

We’ve never seen demand so high, nor have we ever seen such astronomical operating costs. This is seen across the entire long-term care field and in general healthcare. By increasing the number of capable employees and ensuring shifts are fully staffed, made possible by funding that helps us better address the needs of residents and workers, it’s possible to deliver an even higher level of care. 

It’s Time for a Culture Overhaul

At both the system-wide and individual level, caregiving should always be compassionate. That’s always been our goal at Qualicare Waterloo and giving up on it would translate to giving up on our patients – that’s not about to happen! With a healthy, supportive, and flexible culture, we can achieve even greater things together.

Improve Quality of Life and Working Conditions

A happy employee is a productive and more caring one, which is why we go to great lengths to keep our teams well-staffed, fully certified and trained in best practices, and looked after when they need someone to talk to. Working conditions need to enable them to deliver the best caregiving service possible, meaning we need high-quality equipment, reliable management and communications solutions, and effective processes to deliver the best service possible. The workload needs to be balanced and fair – nobody is a machine!

True Leaders are Required for Truly Beneficial Care

With access to those with true leadership qualities who believe in maintaining a welcoming, supportive environment, long-term care’s negative stigma can become a thing of the past. Our team works together because we want to, love to, and are driven to – it all translates to more personalized, dependable, and integrity-focused care for us, residents and their loved ones who trust us.

Grow and Thrive by Attracting Ideal Position Candidates

We’re always looking for new, talented folks from all walks of life to join our team, especially if they have a proven background in exceptional-quality caregiving. The same goes for those in long-term care environments, hospitals and otherwise – we need all hands on deck to meet the ever-rising demand! By empowering our team with even more talent, we can grow and thrive together.

To do better, we need to listen. We need to hear the troubles faced by hardworking healthcare professionals who are doing everything possible. With the provincial government’s report findings laid out on the table, we’re closer than ever to reaching an ideal outcome. Let’s support one another and get there together, one day at a time!

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