Luther Village Provides Specialized Dementia Care in Waterloo

When a loved one lives with memory loss and the onset of Dementia, it can prove a daunting and challenging task not only for them but for their families too. This is where the need for specialized care often arises. Workers in this field are explicitly trained in handling mild to moderate dementia cases and assume the responsibilities needed to maintain each client’s individual wellness. At Luther Village on the Park in Waterloo, this is precisely the kind of service that is available, thanks to a specialized dementia unit for tailored care.

The “Memory Care” Floor

The concept is quite simple but effective in terms of execution: create a new, secure unit that allows for dementia patients to receive more attentive care that is better focused on their specific needs and problems. Termed the Memory Care Floor, this unit at Luther Village spans 33 suites (including two for couples) and includes a range of specially tailored activities geared at keeping residents engaged, calm, and happy. Staff have time for a more personal, one-on-one form of treatment that helps to better identify and address the troubles clients may be having.

Advanced Security Features

The safety of any patient is always a priority when it comes to providing specialized care services. But when it comes to Dementia care, there is the need for an even greater focus on optimizing safety features and strengthening the security of such specialized areas as the Memory Care Floor at Luther Village. For instance, residents may wander due to being hungry, thirsty, curious, or even bored, so every patient is fitted with a roaming bracelet that prevents them from using the elevator. Additionally, the staff are meticulously trained to keep a close and attentive eye on the residents without intruding upon their independence or integrity.

Activities to Engage

Luther Village’s philosophy behind the Memory Care Floor is not to rush residents or make them uncomfortable – the intention is to evoke a sense of calm and ease during everyday activities and treatments. Individual and group activities are regularly arranged to increase engagement, decrease anxiety, and make residents come out of their shells. The music program, for example, really helps to restore self-confidence and create some smiles. The staff also work very closely with the families of residents to get to know them better to provide the best care possible. The hope is to, in turn, slow the disease progression as much as possible and reduce the need for antipsychotic medication for a better quality of life and care efficiency.

The Luther Village strategy to treating mild to moderate Dementia is a shining example we all should follow. Providing clients with care that is personalized, not hurried, and respectful of their contentment can make all the difference.

With dementia patients, Qualicare understands the priorities of comfort, safety, and understanding. We apply similar concepts and values with our clients to ensure the best possible care. To find out more about the services we provide, feel free to contact us today.

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