Canadian Innovation: A Modern Method of Detecting and Managing Neurological Problems

Mom and dad may not agree, but video games can be healthy for the mind if they don’t take over our lives, and not nearly as many are violence-filled as some would like you to believe. Some, like the products of Highmark Interactive, are even intended to assist with detecting and managing neurological complications. Their mobile brain assessment software, EQ, is designed to carry out such assessments thoroughly via video game testing.

Let’s jump in and explore this Canadian innovation in more detail!

Backed by Science – and Highly Skilled Developers

The EQ team consists of respected neurologists, physicians, machine learning PHDs, and other experts in addition to a team of dedicated mobile gaming software developers. Their software is designed to be easy to use while delivering quicker results. Users aren’t limited to minors, either – even adults and seniors are ideal candidates. The process is simple in theory: carry out testing via seven unique games to test various neurological capabilities of the subject in question. Utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, the data generated from these tests is then consulted to help medical experts better understand the subject’s cognitive awareness, motor skills, and other performance parameters. 

Now You’re Playing with Brain Power

Using artificial intelligence and software in cognitive testing isn’t new, but this approach by Highmark Interactive and the EQ team certainly is. In fact, the testing software is the world’s first of its kind that is cleared by the FDA, and it’s being used to assist in various research projects around the world. These include mental health and cannabis use studies, among many others.

New Data, New Discoveries

The human brain changes and adapts to new circumstances, retaining new information as it becomes available. Effectively, such software may be considered an equivalent of reading or studying for pleasure; it merely uses a relatively new form of media, gaming, but the contents of the software remain rooted in the focus of mental stimulation. From balance to visual testing and more, EQ is simply a new – and possibly more exploratory – way of understanding how the minds of individuals and select populations behave.

We ought to embrace any safe, non-invasive and effective means of assisting neurological problem detection processes. Software and modern machine learning can pave the way for deeper datasets, potentially leading to more effective management and treatment solutions. If we think outside the box and give new innovations a chance, the possibilities are endless.

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