Movies 4 Mental Health: Kitchener Event Raises Awareness at THEMUSEUM!

As Qualicare continues to bring awareness about our neighbor’s events, we are always looking to spread the news of new and exciting events in the community we share. We got in touch with Art With Impact, the nonprofit Organization who is hosting a great event this Thursday, May 10th.

The event titled ‘Movies 4 Mental Health’ is coming to THEMUSEUM in Downtown Kitchener. Natalie Daley, the Program Director of Art With Impact, has provided information on the event, what to expect, and its impact on our local community. With this valuable information, Qualicare hopes to promote awareness and discussion revolving around mental wellness in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

To attend, please RSVP Here. 


What is some background about this event?

“Movies 4 Mental Health (M4MH) workshops cover the overall concepts of mental health, mental illness and mental wellness, and where stigma comes into play as a barrier for reaching out for help. We also touch on how mainstream media impacts our understanding of the overall concept of mental health, influencing how we talk about it in society.”

“We will show four short films from our winning film collection on a range of topics, primarily looking at trauma, the importance of human connection, recovery, and what support looks like from different people.”


How do you believe these topics will affect our local community?

“People want to have conversations about wellness and mental health but don’t know where to start, or aren’t given the safe space to do so. Attendees are often very grateful for the chance to build community with their peers and combat stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media. “

“The biggest strength of M4MH is its interactive format – we collectively discuss mental health and stigma, reflect on messages we’ve received and acknowledge whether or not those messages are true for us. Ultimately we hope that the event will reduce internalized stigma, and build awareness of both the diversity of experiences of mental health, and local resources that are accessible to anyone.”


Who is this event geared towards? 

“Most of our events take place on college and university campuses with the goal of encouraging young people to reach out for help at an age when mental illnesses most commonly present symptomatically. We always welcome community members to our events, and we are excited about the opportunity to host a community-driven event with the partnership of THEMUSEUM! The event is open to attendees 17+.”


What are some resources in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region that are available for those looking to get help?

“The resources that we will have represented on the panel at the May 10 event are: The Kitchener-Waterloo Sexual Assault Support Centre, The Glebe Centre for Counselling, and CMHA Waterloo-Wellington, who will speak directly about what services are most accessible or low cost for the general public. You can also check out their websites to find out how you can access their resources!”


Qualicare encourages all of our staff, clients, and general public to attend this exciting event. Our staff all have relevant training when mental health is a factor in the care of your loved ones.


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