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Qualicare is a team of people who are very active, everyday in making a difference in peoples’ lives. We don’t do it for recognition, fanfare or pageviews. We don’t really want to see our picture in the paper, be interviewed on TV or read a website about ourselves. We just want to keep doing what we do simply because that’s what we do.

We know (and see) that a lot of other companies show photos of their owners, managers, and team leaders. Companies offer bios and write-ups about themselves. If these help you (the reader) relate to them as real people, that’s great, we understand and fully support your approach to vetting your careproviders.

One common theme about our leadership team is that we are camera shy. We are more comfortable in-person – 1 on 1, than we are with blogging about ourselves. We generally avoid the spotlight or the camera. We are very sensitive about issues of privacy, personal information, identity theft and patient confidentiality. So we choose not offer write-ups or show photos of our leadership team. If this prevents you (the reader) from seeking our support, we understand and fully support your approach to vetting your careproviders.

Trust is crucial and fragile. It takes an eternity to earn it and an instant to lose it. We understand that you need to trust the care providers you select.

If you’d like to get to know us, even though we don’t post our Bios, then you can get to know us through the Professional Healthcare Providers who collaborate with us. The quality of the healthcare providers, companies and care providers who choose to associate with us, reflect on us. For example, Qualicare is accepted by the Waterloo Wellington LHIN as a home care service provider.

We are known by the company we keep.

The company we keep know us for who we are, what we do, and what we value.

Thank you for understanding.

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