Personal Support Worker (PSW) Career Opportunities


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Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are essential in modern caregiving settings, regardless of whether a patient is at home or in a healthcare facility. They not only ensure optimal comfort and peace of mind for individuals in immediate need of care, either – family members in need of guidance or support can rely on them. 

However, given the increase in demand for such services during these trying times, there aren’t enough PSWs to go around. We at Qualicare Waterloo are prepared to provide you with a deeply enriching, meaningful experience with plenty of room for growth as a member of the team. Experience a career as part of our own team!



Competitive Pay

We don’t just pay the standard rate for a PSW – you deserve more than that when you commit to caring for the individuals who trust in us. That’s why starting wages are higher at Qualicare Waterloo, and there’s plenty of room for financial growth commensurate with experience and performance later on. Our goal is to provide you with a career you’ll enjoy every day, and that starts with proper, professional-grade compensation.

We Cover Education Costs

Feeling like you need to brush up on personal support service standards, redevelop a skill or obtain specific certifications? We’ll not only provide the solutions – Qualicare Waterloo pays for them. No PSW on our team goes without anything they need to further their career and deliver our superior standard of care. Even if you feel you aren’t fully qualified, get in touch with us – we’re happy to discuss ways to move forward together.

24/7 Support and Room for Growth

What good is a career as a Personal Support Worker if you yourself aren’t supported? Our dedicated staff care solutions include 24/7 assistance, a refined and open-door management approach, and exciting new learning opportunities every day in addition to some great benefits. Here, you’re not just part of a team – you’re family!


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