Some publishers produce books designed to take readers away to fantastical settings, but one local outfit is doing even more for a noble cause. Marlena Books operates to publish specialized books for individuals with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. Collaboratively named after the two grandmothers of founder Rachel Thompson, this publisher’s work is designed to help those with life-altering illnesses improve their wellbeing and contentment through the joy of reading. Today, let’s take a closer look at what goes into Marlena Books’ approach as well as how it helps local residents and their families.

Supporting the Dementia Community

The mission of Marlena Books is to provide mature, entertaining, and engaging stories at various reading levels to encourage readers with Alzheimer’s and dementia to exercise their minds as much as possible — and have fun doing it! In a way, it’s very much like having a workout but with not as much strain or pressure. This promotes enhanced dignity, self-assurance, and integrity in readers, page after page.

Specialized Recreational Tools

As there are a great many individuals in the Waterloo area, as well as throughout Canada, suffering from either Alzheimer’s or dementia, it’s more of a challenge to meet the recreational needs of so many. Caregiving and support are very important, but that’s not all an individual living with one of these illnesses needs. They also, like the rest of us, require recreational tools to engage with that don’t make them feel inferior or limited. This is where Marlena Books’ specialty comes in — their publications are designed to meet the mental capabilities of readers and complement them beautifully, encouraging them to read on and exercise their minds without overdoing it.

The Perfect Story for Every Reader

The aforementioned various reading levels, as well as the preservation of content that is engaging, deep and meaningful, goes a long way in helping local residents with such illnesses. This way, any reader can navigate a book with ease and not feel overwhelmed. In addition, beautiful abstract artwork is also included, lovingly created by individuals living with dementia.

The dementia and Alzheimer’s community has welcomed Marlena Books’ products with open arms. By allowing individuals living with these conditions to experience the joys of reading in a considerate, dignified manner, there are many budding bookworms finding a new favourite hobby or re-exploring an old passion. Such stimulation is integral to the treatment and care process, and we applaud this local publisher for such initiative!

For more information about Marlena Books and their products, click here.

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