Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care Waterloo

The process of caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia or a combination of both can prove to be a frustrating, overwhelming and emotionally stressful task, especially as the condition of your loved one potentially worsens over time. We at Qualicare Waterloo fully understand and respect how important it is to care for them in their time of need, which is why we are here to help with our care services specialized to assist clients suffering from Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia.

Let Us Lift the Burden from Your Shoulders

With the highly experienced support team ready to step in and carefully help you and your loved one navigate the stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, it will become infinitely easier to reduce stress, receive a shoulder to lean on when you need it most, and adequately maintain a sense of well-being. We ensure that each and every case is handled with attentive care and compassion, giving you the chance to make the very most of the time you have with your loved one. We will lift the burden from your shoulders and make it easier for everyone to cope with the effects of these illnesses.

Family Homecare

All care for clients with these ailments is designed for maximum impact on your entire family, as the impact of Alzheimer’s and Dementia can reach into several generations emotionally. Essentially, the nurse you select will perform as a “professional family member,” mitigating stress while maximizing time making memories with loved ones.

Nurse-Managed Care

All Qualicare homecare, including our Alzheimer’s and Dementia-focused services, is directly managed by fully certified nurses to ensure we are doing everything possible to make you and your loved one comfortable, safe and at ease. Ongoing professional monitoring, oversight and reviews of care are performed regularly to ensure the care goals are not just being met, but that their expectations are being exceeded.

Attentive Behavioural Management

Qualicare Waterloo’s caregivers are specially trained to handle delicate cases such as those pertaining to Dementia, WRT and Alzheimer’s cases, even when they elevate to more severe iterations. As a result, our team has a great deal of experience in assisting individuals who exhibit antisocial, non-communicative or forgetful behavioural traits, making our services all the more efficient at keeping your loved ones comfortable, at ease and content. Our Alzheimer’s and Dementia care team also possess U-First and Gentle Persuasion certified training to help enhance our services to be compassionate and effective.  We welcome and encourage collaboration with local BSO officers on special cases.

We make it a firm point to ensure that our clients can fashion and live as perfectly normal, non-conflicted and comfortable of a life as possible, basing our care services out of the familiar surroundings of their own home. Our approach is to be a compassionate, helpful neighbour who is there when they need us, and not to detract from their self-confidence or integrity. We look for coping strategies to ease stresses for everyone, including interactive games and activities as well as opportunities for socialization. In turn, your loved ones receive the independence and respect they rightfully deserve in our care.

Contact us today for a free one-hour in-home assessment with a Qualicare Waterloo care manager. We will happily answer any and all questions you and your loved one may have about our services.

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