Qualicare London is just one of many of our locations, all of which are focused entirely on the protection and well-being of loved ones of all ages in need of home care. Whether 25 and injured in an accident or 75 and suffering from mental illness, those closest to you deserve treatment and care that prioritizes their comfort, health, safety, and contentment. From preparing meals and performing housework to simply being a friend to keep them company, our fully certified nurses are trained to deliver the most attentive, integrity-preserving service in the Southwestern Ontario.

Attentive, Thoughtful In-Home Care Services

The independence and self-confidence of your loved one plays a major role in their recovery, comfort, and overall well-being, which is why our team specializes in putting their needs first. As members of the community as active as many of our clients, the Qualicare London team strives to make a difference in the daily lives of local residents and their families. We achieve this through careful implementation of our homecare services, which can be fully customized to address needs and exceed expectations.

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