The Healthcare industry has noticed a shortage of PSWs entering the field in the past few years. The number of PSWs is now at an all-time low, and Homecare companies are struggling to keep up with the rising demand for care.

Why is this Happening?

There has been a decline in the number of students entering the PSW programs, resulting in a smaller pool of graduates to hire from. Although we don’t know the reasoning behind the decline, the trend is consistent throughout all of Ontario.

With an ageing society and growing needs, this creates a high demand environment for reliable PSWs.

Who is this Effecting?

Although industries work hard to maintain high standards of care, the strain can be felt by employees of Homecare companies and Long Term Care facilities.

The limited number of new PSWs creates pressure on seasoned PSWs as well, who now work harder than ever before to provide the best care possible.

Where do I fit in?

Qualicare continuously offers Personal Support Worker jobs to add qualified PSWs to our care team. Despite our constant demand, we are careful not to sacrifice our high quality of care as a result. Our company acknowledges, appreciates and rewards our current employees with competitive pay rates and benefits.

As the Homecare field grows, it continues to be an excellent field of study for anyone looking into the healthcare industry. If you know of anyone looking into PSW programs or looking for work, we would love to chat with them!

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