In-Home Care is the Solution to Hospital Overcrowding, and We’re Hiring!

Are you eager to make a difference in the everyday lives of local residents? There are many ways to do so, but lately, local healthcare facilities such as hospitals have their hands full – and that’s an understatement! Therefore, where else can you help?

That’s where Qualicare Waterloo comes in – we’re hiring for all sorts of positions, particularly in our in-home care sector, to help address hospital overcrowding. Everyone deserves quick and convenient access to the healthcare services they need, and our aim is to deliver them to the comfort of their own homes, making the process less stressful and much easier for patients.  Let’s explore how our team is working with your local hospitals not just to meet demand but also to exceed expectations.

Why is Demand so High?

The main reason why demand has risen for healthcare service is due to a large percentage of our local population ageing up. The primary driver of this is the fact that baby boomers are now in the age range when extra assistance from medical professionals is needed. Running a healthcare facility is a costly endeavour. Consider the specialized tests, treatments, medication, equipment and highly skilled staff required. Each of these necessary factors, in addition to increased patient flow, plays a role in the inability to meet demand. Therefore, local in-home care agencies are taking on much more work lately to help ensure local residents receive the professional treatment they need.

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An End to “Hallway Medicine”

The Provincial government is working hard with local healthcare providers as well as outsourced care agencies to put the days of so-called “hallway medicine” to rest. In fact, many folks are spending more days in hospital than necessary due to staffing being stretched so thin.

The collective goal is to ensure every patient has space and timely access to appropriate treatment. As it is currently, such facilities as local hospitals are overcrowded, and doctors have little room or staffing flexibility to meet the spike in demand.

Join the Qualicare Waterloo In-Home Care Team and Make a Difference!

By becoming a part of our in-home care family, you can help us meet demand and work towards efficient management of the influx of new patients. With dedicated training, competitive pay, flexible hours and more, there’s never been a better time to send us your application. We pride ourselves on delivering streamlined, convenient care to residents in their own homes, ensuring their comfort, safety and best treatment practices are safeguarded.

Helping local healthcare providers with our own specialized team is essential to ensuring residents and their loved ones receive the care they need and deserve. Help us make a difference by joining the Qualicare Waterloo team today!

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