The Dangers of Vaping

What has previously been heavily marketed as a “safer” alternative to smoking couldn’t be any further from the truth. As evidenced by recent breaking news that countries such as the United States are experiencing deaths linked to vaping, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not a safe habit. Even countries such as India have banned e-cigarettes, and in Ontario, the apparent first case in Canada of a vaping-linked illness has been reported. Today, let’s explore the subject in further detail – it may not be a comfortable ride, but it’s best to know the risks before committing to what could be a life-threatening alternative. If we can help spare even one person from potential trouble later on, then it’s worth it!

It’s More Widespread than You Think

This is not just one or two isolated cases – vaping-associated health risks are making themselves known around the world. The trouble is, medical professionals can’t see signs of an infection in most instances and struggle to determine the precise cause. For instance, as reported on Vox, a stream of young patients admitted to a Utah-area hospital shared similar symptoms – vomiting, aches and pains in addition to breathing difficulties, but there weren’t obvious signs of an infection, so it was determined that what all the patients had in common was a proclivity to vape. 28 cases of vaping-related respiratory issues have been reported in that state alone – and that’s just the beginning! It’s only a small percentage of the over 380 reported cases across 36 states and the US Virgin Islands since April 2019. There have even been six deaths across six states that are confirmed to be tied to the use of e-cigarettes.

Why is Vaping “Suddenly” So Dangerous?

Vaping always has been a potential risk, but we didn’t know enough about it at the time. With continued diagnosis and confirmed links between illness and the habit, it’s becoming clearer that there is a tangible danger element to consider. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which has always been a toxic substance that raises blood pressure, increases heart rate and raises the risk of potential heart attacks in users. Combined with needless chemical compounds, THC oils and otherwise, vaping manufacturers are essentially setting the stage for serious health issues in their customers. It doesn’t help that e-cigarettes are purposefully designed to be just as addictive, disguising a serious health risk as a means of “kicking a bad habit” when, in turn, folks are simply turning to a new one. Sounds dangerous to us!

All in all, we highly recommend keeping a close eye on the news about the latest developments in the vaping ordeal. If you know someone who uses e-cigarettes, take the time to look up the risks together – contrary to popular belief, they are anything but fantasies as colourful as the many available flavours of chemical compounds out there!

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