The Effectiveness of Face Masks, Simplified

These are trying times, there’s no denying it. But in order to make 2021 a better and safer year for everyone, we all need to do our bit in ridding our communities of COVID-19. Slowly, over time, the pandemic will come to an end, but how soon depends on whether we follow recommended precautions such as wearing masks and socially distancing. The former has never been more important as folks retreat indoors in preparation for the winter, and the prospect of the holiday season doesn’t help matters. In these and many other instances, triple-layer face masks are the best line of defence – and highly effective. Canadian Michael Becker’s video, which was recently shared via The Huffington Post, demonstrates just how much.

Results You Can See

Becker’s video is simple in premise but effective in showing just how capable three-layer face masks are, which are the type recommended by public health officials. Filmed while sitting in his truck on a cold day when his breath was visible in the air, it shows him breathing with a mask on, with very little of the exhaled air escaping. As soon as he removes it, not only is far more breath visible in the air but it also reaches further. 

What Does This Mean?

In short, by wearing a mask, you really are helping stop the spread of COVID-19, one breath at a time. As the virus can travel in aerosol form – through microscopic droplets dispersed when we breathe or cough – limiting the reach of infectious microbes is crucial. The triple-layered fabric of the masks recommended by Health Canada excel at stopping aerosols and moisture from escaping and reaching another person. If two people are wearing these masks and interacting with one another at a safe distance, there is next to no chance of infection.

Should I Follow Other Recommended Precautions?

Absolutely. Just because you wear a mask, it doesn’t mean that other measures such as frequent, thorough handwashing and social distancing are unnecessary; if anything, they act as a form of insurance, further reducing the risk of you picking up the virus. Given that it can reside on the surface of any person or object and not die right away, we need to be careful and attentive.

Now is the time to stop the spread of COVID-19, not later. Please, be good to yourself and those around you by wearing a high-quality, triple-layer mask, practicing social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and being patient. In time, we will get through this together.

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