The Future of Healthcare: What Lessons Have We Learned?

The COVID-19 pandemic, while far from over, has already taught many of us valuable life lessons. The same can be said for healthcare workers on the frontlines who have witnessed unimaginable horrors and hardship. With that said, we collectively strive to do better, save as many lives as possible, and contribute in a beneficial manner to the healthcare of the communities we serve. 

So, what have we all learned, and what do we believe the future of healthcare in general looks like? Let’s take a look.

Consistent Operating and Training Standards

Our PSWs, RPNs and other team members undergo rigorous training and certification to ensure patients are looked after by true, talented professionals, but we don’t stop there. Our mission is to deliver thoughtful, personalized and more practical care to those who need us the most, regardless of age or the severity of their debilitation. 

We want to – and believe we will – see an application of consistent operating standards in healthcare environments, from long-term care homes to hospitals and small rural clinics. This is critical to keeping on top of not only a potential resurgence of COVID-19 cases but also a more proactive approach to risk management on a per-patient basis.

Emphasis on Essential Skills Development Programming

With the Federal government recently making considerable investments in education for up-and-coming healthcare workers, now is the time to adopt a more empathetic and modern approach to nursing. Acute care standards are all well and good, but they can’t be effectively applied in environments such as nursing homes. Revised, mandated standards for specialized care for seniors, palliative needs, dementia, ABIs, and other focuses will be much more effective than casting a wider net or, worse still, not establishing minimum training and performance standards in the first place. 

Informed Decisions, Effective Change

Now more than ever, listening to those on the frontlines who know what it takes to provide a proper standard of care is critical. We’re seeing a complete deviation from this necessity in the United States, which sets a dangerous precedent elsewhere in the world. By taking the time to consider the feedback of healthcare professionals with years of recent experience in the field, not the classroom or textbook, we can make a difference together. Many experts in specific focuses of care have great ideas and are eager to help our communities flourish, so platforms with a wider reach and the ability to advise on what we know would be hugely beneficial.

At Qualicare Waterloo, constant improvements and process refinements are critical to our team of caregivers, and this extends to all employees. As a stronger team, we can make a more significant difference. Let’s stick together, create an open dialogue, and stay strong – it’s the best way to make necessary, informed improvements.

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