Want to Be a Personal Support Worker? We Want to Hear from You!

The most common perception of personal support workers is that they only serve the elderly – but this is simply not true. PSWs serve a wide range of people who require assistance in their every day lives, from people who’ve suffered a serious injury, children with developmental disabilities, people living with an extended illness, and the elderly alike. To protect their wellness while helping to assure their independence, Personal Support Workers are more integral to the well-being of many more communities than ever before. Therefore, we want to hear from you today – read on to learn about the life of a PSW and why you might be a great candidate.

Do You Like Helping Others?

If so, a position as a personal support worker might be ideal for you. We employ skilled, gifted, and compassionate PSWs and task them with being proactive, attentive, and friendly. This way, patients receive the very best care without sacrificing their integrity or self-respect. By working with individuals in need and finding a middle ground, the end result is incredibly efficient service and happier, healthier patients.

Are You Interested in a Rewarding Career?

A PSW goes to great lengths to ensure their patients are not only comfortable and have someone to talk to, but that they also receive the level of treatment needed to maintain their wellness and contentment. This means that a PSW is responsible for everything from organizing and implementing diets and administering medication to helping to maintain mental health through social interactivity. In the end, the medical and preventative training of a PSW plays a role in safeguarding the wellness of every patient, making for a richly rewarding and inspiring career!

What are Your Attributes?                                                                

At Qualicare Waterloo, we look for specific personalities and behavioural traits that can help to enhance the quality of service, leading to greater impacts on the everyday lives of our patients as well as their loved ones. If you are communicative, respectful, timely and responsible, optimistic, unquestionably reliable, and passionate about providing care to others, consider yourself a good fit for this field of employment.

If you’re interested in a career involving not only helping individuals with their everyday medical needs but also their diet, social stability, and comfort at home, then a career as a PSW is a wonderful path to embark on. A wholesome and rewarding form of employment in more ways than one, it will provide you with an incredible experience that is both eye-opening, inspiring, and humbling – and you’ll surely make many new friends along the way.

PSW Jobs

We at Qualicare Waterloo value those who are interested in giving back to their local communities both directly and indirectly, and we welcome applications to work with us as a certified PSW. Contact us for more information or visit our Careers page to learn more about what it’s like to join our family.

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