Waterloo Startup AEXOS’ Halo: Preventing Sports Concussions and Making Contact Sports Safer

Do you have a loved one who enjoys contact sports, or are you passionate about them yourself? If so, you know how important it is to stay safe when playing. Sports concussions are a very real issue, and there are many products out there that try to provide protection and comfort without sacrificing the thrill of the game, but few come close to delivering good results.

Halo, a new product by AEXOS, might be able to fill that void. Come October this year, it’s going to be available to help protect everyone from cross-country skiers to hockey players! Today, let’s learn more about the story behind it and how it could have a positive impact on local communities:

Passion Built on Real-World Experience

Motivated by their own  personal histories of sports-related concussions and injuries, the sibling founders of Waterloo startup Advanced Exoskeletal Systems (AEXOS) had a plan: To design and produce protective equipment that protects against debilitating injuries such as whiplash as well as concussions. The two brothers, Charles and Rob Corrigan, spent nearly three years performing intensive research and testing to finalize the product that we know of today as Halo.

Designed for Intensive Contact Sports

Compression shirts have been around for a while, but what’s different about Halo is that it serves up the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and functionality to help athletes stay safe without hindering their performance when caught in the heat of the action. This protects cognitive functions and mental health more efficiently by acting as a barrier of sorts between the wearer and the impact they absorb. Halo is specifically designed for contact sports where the risks are higher, but it is also suitable for skiers, individuals who participate in off-road races, and others.

A Unique Design

The neat thing about Halo is that it can withstand more pressure, and in quick succession. This means that the faster and harder it receives impact, the more it resists deforming and becoming inefficient. Halo has been endorsed by a range of organizations including Safe4Sports and even thoroughly tested by the Canadian Department of National Defence. Wearers are praising the shirt’s ability to deflect neck and head damage more efficiently without restricting them.

With a comfortable fit that doesn’t sacrifice adequate protection during contact sports or other intensive hobbies, Halo is an appropriately named product. For more information about the product, be sure to visit AEXOS’ website for details or to pre-order in time for Halo’s October launch. We’re excited to see how much of a difference it makes in local communities and across Canada!

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