Why Multigenerational Homes are More Adaptable

In these challenging times, it’s good to be able to count on the love and support of family members. However, living in a home shared with multiple generations of loved ones takes this to the next level. While it’s true that we can drive each other crazy by living under one roof, it’s not always the case. Today, let’s explore why multigenerational homes are more adaptable and prepared for life during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Financial Support

It’s not like we want to turn to someone for financial assistance, but if there’s no other choice, it’s better to have it as an option compared to nothing. Family members sharing a household have the ability to lean on one another when the going gets tough, which can be critical to helping certain folks recover. This is especially true if someone has lost their job due to the pandemic, was laid off, or suffered an accident and can’t work. In addition, younger family members with active careers are better able to support senior loved ones if there is no other source of income, especially if living arrangements such as no need for renting are implemented to ensure more money can be saved by all who earn.

Social Stimulation

This pandemic is actually the perfect excuse to reconnect with loved ones, which also helps to keep spirits high. If you’re in a multigenerational household, this means many games of Scrabble or a James Bond movie marathon is sure to be on the agenda. Sharing stories, playing retro video games, or playing musical instruments are other fun options, and you just might develop a new favourite hobby along the way. 

Improved Emotional Control

Of course, not everyone wants to be living with their parents or otherwise, which can make multigenerational households a tremendous challenge for some. However, if you stick with it and maintain a positive, supportive environment for all, it can actually be a wonderful way to improve mental health and emotional stability. Household members can benefit from better problem solving, reduced negative reactivity, and plenty of practice with patience. 

Living in a multigenerational home means having the chance to develop critical life skills, all while having a supportive environment where one can better understand themselves and their loved ones. This helps to strengthen bonds, all while creating special memories along the way. Don’t underestimate the power of family!

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