Hospitals in Western Ontario continue to give back to local communities, and Woodstock Hospital is the latest to have news of their efforts shared. Recently, the facility was recognized by the Province of Ontario for significantly reducing patient offload times. There are many benefits associated with this (for patients and staff), helping to deliver the level of care needed to the area. Let’s take a closer look.

Multiple Factors

Woodstock Hospital was able to lower its patient offload times below the Ontario average of 49 minutes by means of various factors. They included adjustments to day-to-day operations such as moving patients around the facility more efficiently. In addition, hospital staff collected real-time data to consult. The end result is the ability to get more patients admitted and offloaded sooner.

Greater Efficiency

With reduced offload times comes more efficiency, which is integral to any hospital’s ability to meet the needs of local residents. Staff can more quickly learn of a patient’s condition, administer urgent care or treatment if needed, and get them into a stretcher or wheelchair sooner. This can protect against extreme cases where patients require immediate attention.

Improved Ambulance Access

Last year, 90 percent of ambulance trips to Woodstock Hospital ended up with patients moved to a stretcher or wheelchair in 21 minutes or less. This is less than half as much time as the Ontario average offload time of 49 minutes. The result is that ambulances can drop off patients to retrieve new ones twice as fast, literally doubling their effectiveness. Being able to get to others in need quicker can save lives and speed up the treatment process.

With Woodstock Hospital’s recognition by the Province of Ontario for the hard work of their staff to reduce offload times, local communities can receive more responsive and beneficial medical care. At Qualicare Waterloo, we’re happy to be aiding local hospitals by providing them with our own care experts and nurses. Combined with improved ambulance access and reduced offload times, together we can help to make an even bigger difference! For more information about our services, contact us today.

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